First things first.

If you haven’t yet watched Issa Rae’s ‘INSECURE’, then you’re not my type of person. This is the most WOKE, a show can get, a generation’s ever been.

Insecure is a series about 2 best friends, revolving around their (failed) love lives, their savage but downright loyal group of close friends and the challenges they each face in their careers.

If you want a full synopsis of the show, I suggest you go grab a copy of season 1 already, and catch up to us veterans who are ogling at Mr. Fine Lawrence in season 2.

So without any further ado, here are 5 Insane Thoughts that have been running round in my mind about season 2 since it premiered:

(Disclaimer: Spoilers Alert)

  1. Lawrence’s Stroke Game

Can somebody say ‘Daaayuummm Zaddy!’

Lawrence’s whore self came out the closet (not quite literally) after he dumped long term girlfriend Issa for cheating on him with her former music producer love-ting’. So good is Lawrence’s stroke game that he’s having threesomes with white chicks, messing with Issa’s mind and body on her couch and leaving hearts broken with a situationship that never hit the official relationship-tag phase.

Plus is it just me, or has our boy Lawrence just become extra TALL and MUSCULAR and FINE AF? I guess a bad breakup will do that to ya!

  1. Molly ain’t whoring around – NO MORE

I know it sounds strange to imagine Molly not doing rounds this season. So what’s crazy is that Molly is now teaching Issa how to whore around. Crazy, right? Molly’s determined to get a new man and she’s cleaning up her act! No more one night stands, no more drink-silly nights, no more late night booty call texts. It’s all about Find-Mr.-Right and make business moves for her.

On the other hand, Issa is creating raunchy TV sex-scene history; from hooking up with her neighbor to an online date, to her ex-boyfriend Lawrence.

  1. Hella Out There

As is with all Insecure episode tag lines, the one for season 2 is Hella-Everything!

From Hella Great, to Hella Questions, Hella Open, Hella LA, Hella Shook, Hella Blows, Hella Disrespectful and the latest, Hella Perspective.

Each episode with a hella storyline.

  1. Issa’s Job is STILL a rut

Issa’s got a big heart. That’s evident.

But her big heart might be costing her a lavish life, unlike Molly, who works at a top-notch high end law firm. Issa works with an NGO that supports children’s awareness of rights to education and protection. But there’s only one catch: she’s the poor friend. When you work for a run-down company, then you expect your livelihood to be as the same.

  1. Cl-atchet Crew

You should expect to have some clatchet-ass friends if you’re gonna be a part of the Insecure crew.

Look at the mixture that Molly, Issa, Frieda and Kelly are. They are the classiest, most ratchet friends you can ever have.  Hence, Cl(aasy) + (R)atchet = Clatchet. The overall rule is that we’re all friends, so expect lotsa shit to go down. I mean same goes for Lawrence and his boy Daniel. They’re all messed up! But it’s the messed-up-ness that makes their friendships so real and so raw.



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