I have heard of relationships/marriages crashing because of terrible sex or even lack of it and I’m wondering how a person learns the ‘art’ or infact where it is learned as it is not in any of the holy books and it is not a taught course in school. (well, not the regular kind of schools)

Which brings me to the issue of porn otherwise known as ‘blue feem’. I did a ‘little’ research and gathered that some people like porn and feel it helps to improve their sex lives  while some people think it is the most degrading thing ever and ultimately leads to perversion.

I talked to a couple of my friends and most of them didn’t think it was necessary to watch porn to have a great sex life. They felt the ‘styles’ came naturally and instinctively.

I think it depends on the couple and whatever works for them. But what do I know, what say you?

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