I am sure we have all heard about the dark knight shooter that woke up one day and decided to kill people for no reason at all. To be honest, no matter how much people try to justify or find some sort of excuse for what he did, I will never ever understand his actions. However, one thing I took out from this mess and I must say, it’s something that actually took me by surprise was the way some of the guys at the cinema shielded their girlfriends from the bullets.

*Long pause*

For some reason, when I read this, I pictured some African couples in that situation and what came to my mind was far from what happened that day. This brings me to today’s poll.

Can you take a bullet for your significant other?


Personally, I cannot. I have realized that in this life, you have to be sharp. Infact ‘sharpness is a virtue’… But I am sure there are still some romantic couples out there.

What say you?

Peace yo! :D


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