There’s an unshakable strength in people who follow their dreams.

They’re go-getters and even better, they learn how to do what their hearts desire, as opposed to blindly following what others lay out for them. Dream chasing should be a career, and your career should be based on the dreams that you chase.

So much so is it important to chase your dreams that you have people giving out their testimonies on their journeys to achieving and realizing their dreams.

The stories are familiar.

They begin as ‘I never made much to begin with,’ and end up with, ‘look at where I am now’.

That’s an important lesson to drive home. That dreams begin with humility and modesty.

That people will try to deter you from being the best you can be and that believing in yourself is an honor that only you can bestow to yourself.

The power of attraction works in the exact same way. It’s important to manifest your dreams and beliefs both mentally and verbally.

It’s not clockwork like, “I manifest 20 million dollars tomorrow!”  That would be a good amount of money to have, but the power of manifestation is about the inner-self.

Daily practice of affirmations to who you really are at the core of things and situations is the key in achieving your dreams. At first it will feel funny. Imagine saying to yourself, first thing in the morning right after you wake up, that you are light.

Saying it out loud even sounds as silly as it comes.

Try and say it, “I am light.”

Feels funny, right?

But as you go on, think of particular circumstances in your past where you were indeed a source of light to a person or situation. It could be as minute as smiling at the shopkeeper and as impactful as creating an organization for the needy in our society.

The more you recite and repeat these personal affirmations, the better you become at overcoming your fears and doubts, the closer you get to achieve your dreams.

They say that if you spend a minimum of three minutes a day, every day for 3 weeks straight, then you’ve formed a habit. And that habit can be sustained for the rest of your life.

So imagine listening and repeating words of affirmations every day for a minimum of 3 minutes for the first 3 weeks, you’d be unstoppable! Sounds exciting, right?

When your affirmation does come true, (and it will, because creating these habits places you in an upper-state-of-mind, where your goal becomes your sole focus) it’s important to continue the journey of affirmations even after your affirmation becomes a reality.

Reason why? You’ll need strength and the stamina to go through the new challenges that will be presented in say, your new line of work, relationship or business opportunity.

Just because your dream becomes a reality doesn’t mean that your journey to success is through. It’s sustaining that dream that yields the ultimate success. And you’ll need the extra motivation to help you muddle through the woods.

Now granted, because we live in a world full of painful realities, you’ll be struck by a myriad of bumps along the way.

This shouldn’t deter you. In fact, allowing yourself to go through these negative feelings, with the intention of realizing that they exist, is in its way, a form of healing.

Allow yourself to feel that guilt, see it as a vibration or energy seething through your body. Give it a color. Is it screaming green or flaming orange? Locate the area in which it’s habituating in your body. Does it lie on your heart? Maybe it’s settles on your lower back. Feel it. Try to mentally touch it, press on it a little and massage it, either with your hand or still, mentally.

It will be quite uncomfortable to begin with. But gradually, as you make it a habit (remember the 3minute-3week rule), the pain will dissipate and you’ll find yourself getting over negative feelings and cycles in a positive way.

Granted, the process is overwhelming, but the fruits of it are worth the wait.






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