I unhooked her bra with the casualness a man could never feign. When I put her nipples in my mouth, I knew what I was working with. I knew how sensitive they were. Slowly, circling my tongue around her areola in a way many men will never understand. See, most men suck and bite with such careless abandon, they forget the whole point of it is to turn you on. Some men get it right. Few.

I trail my way down her belly, the change from soft breasts to hard belly muscles very sudden take me unawares. I take off her skirt. “Hello Kitty” I read the words on her panties out loud. She’s wet. I can tell even through what I presume to be cotton. I slowly slip a finger into her. She moans. Slowly I tease her, asking her to tell me what feels good. She tries to make words, they come out as moans and grunts. See I’m a woman. I know what feels good. I take off her panties.

“Hello kitty” I say. This time I’m not reading anything, just saying hello. I had never seen one so up close before. I am fascinated. I place my tongue where my finger had been. I have never done this before yet I know where to lick. When to flicker my tongue faster or slower. When to use my lips. She is moaning louder now.


I’m a woman. I know she’s cumming.


She grabs my hair. I feel the explosion in mouth. Almost immediately she screams. Its the sexiest scream I have ever heard. 1 hour later she says the same about mine.


Another wet Friday and I’d like to send a huge shout out to Vanity who sent in this piece on such short notice. Check out her blog here. So I once read that every gurl gets at least one opportunity during the course of her life to dabble (Eric Jerome Dickey’s word for exploring sexuality). Well, some get two and even more. Call this a treat for the guys but I thought it’d be nice to hear from the ladies; have you missed out on that opportunity or did you take it? And for the guys reading, you might also have stories to share, if not, I’m sure we could learn one thing or the other here. Use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.


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