Let’s kick it back to John Legend’s ‘Tonight’.

It’s a neo-throwback, but it never fails to hit strong twisted emotional chords, only because it’s such an amazing song. It speaks of everything a man should be.

The kind of man that God made for an ideal woman.

This man… he knows how to deliver.

How to woo you into going out on a date with him; Into wanting to smile every time he looks at you; To get a flush when he catches you staring at him; To make you blush when you think of him.

He’s the kind of guy with an immaculate dressing style. He learned how to dress well to compliment his woman.

This kind of man lets you in to the secret that you’re beautiful. And holds onto that beauty for just a second …. Lingers on it like it’s the last kind of breath that he takes… Like the final drop of blood for every heartbeat.

He then holds your hand as you get into his restaurant of choice. Mr. Perfect. Ushers you to your seat. The patio? In doors? Whatever you desire. Holds the chair out for you. Takes your order, gets it for you. Passes the sauce, or the salt, or the cutlery out to you. Pours the glass of wine, with some still water on the side for you.

He’s the kind of guy who’ll offer to gently wipe out the mustard at the corner of your lips. He knows you love cheeseburgers. And loves you madly for loving cheeseburgers. Because he’s been looking for a cheeseburger-kinda-girl since he tripped into cheeseburger-land.

He’ll also wantonly view the lipstick stain on the rim of your wine glass. Find it sexy. Need to replicate the curve on his own lips.

After dinner, he’s the kind of guy who’ll ensure the cab he hailed for you is waiting. He’ll linger on for a minute watching you, and let the feeling of how amazing a gem you are take him away.

He’ll then kiss you on the cheek and give you a strong bear hug. He wants more. You want more. He knows you want more. But he also knows that you like to take your time and so respects your wishes. Whenever you’re ready.

And soon after the cab takes a turn and goes out of sight, texts you a second later to let you know that you take his breath away.

Or maybe the script will change.

He’ll take you home… and get off your gorgeous heels and massages your tender feet with aromatic oils. He’ll lovingly make you his. Allow you to lose control. Make you feel things that you never thought existed. Make you believe that the world can be moved.

He’s kind of man that keeps you alive. That makes you make him the only exception. That makes you believe that love does exist.

He also remembers everything. In minute detail.

That two second part you played in a silly drama in pre-school, or the purple nail polish you had on the day you met; the forgotten piece of green veggie stuck on your front tooth during lunch or the tear-stained girl he met under the rain.

He makes it safe to love yourself.

Doesn’t want you to live up to a man’s duties; like making the first call, paying the first date, raising kids alone, paying every monthly rent, fixing a light bulb…

He’s got you.

This man? He’s the type with a love so strong, so rare, so high.

The kind of man who’s The Best You Ever Had.


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