It doesn’t come as a shocker that Kenyans are absolutely elated by our famed Male Afro Band, ‘Sauti Sol’ (just so you know, they ceased being a ‘boy-band’ years ago after releasing the steamy hot ‘Nishike’ video), since they just came back home after winning MAMA’s ‘Best Group In Africa’ award.


Kenya’s All-Male Afro Band, Sauti Sol.

And in case you fail to understand HOW BIG this award is – lemme try expound it a little bit further.

Sauti Sol defeated all other great bands in Africa, namely: Mi Casa from South Africa, Navy Kenzo from Tanzania, R2Bees from Ghana and Toofan from Togo. Now you need to understand that all these groups from other parts of Africa are huge, especially Mi Casa & R2Bees. So for Sauti Sol to turn out as the victors, my days! That’s amazing!

The artist Yemi during the MAMA 2016, in Johannesburg, South Africa on October 22nd, 2016

Sauti Sol on stage with Nigeria’s Yemi Alade at the just concluded MAMAs

You see, the Kenyan music scene was a little stagnant and dry for a loooooong while. A still, barren desert of music had come upon us as a country. It reached a point where we were all edgy for a timeless minute – what was happening to our Kenyan music scene? So bad was our situation that some Kenyan artists changed styles to accommodate the then popular ‘Naija-ness’ into their music styles. And Naija music was booming – then.

But now? Times are changing and Thank God for that because look at where our musical men have gotten our country Kenya to! Look at the likes of super-ladies like Victoria Kimani and STL slaying from different parts of the world – making a huge impact in the Kenyan music scene.

zen-mag-victoria-kimani Victoria Kimani – Kenyan Songstress

STL – Kenyan femcee

Our music culture is on the verge of a re-birth and revival. And if you remotely think it’s a facade – then take a really good look at our musical men Sauti Sol! I remember some years back in high school when they were starting out and I’d go watch them perform at Alliance Française for 100 bob! Pah. Try paying the same amount now at their gigs. Now that’s a joke.

And it’s a great joke – for any artist. Because what all artists crave for more than anything else is growth; for their fans connect to their art, to have a strong system that supports them and to get their voices heard. So when any artist can hold down an entire fortress of fans who’ve come to watch them play because their music speaks to them – then it’s a truce. That artist has followed their calling in life to the letter.

sauti-sol-mamas-2 Sauti Sol at the MAMAs red carpet – looking absolutely dashing!

Sauti Sol have done that guys.

They’ve danced with the POTUS Obama, probably high-fived with our own President Uhuru, they’ve had a customized tour bus and ACTUALLY gone on tour, and they’ve won numerous awards. Best of all, each and every one of them keeps slaying and slaying some more – especially when most people thought that they’d reached the brink.

Bien Aime from Sauti Sol showing POTUS Obama, POK Uhuru & Auma Obama how to jig to ‘Sura Yako’, back in 2015.

So hats off guys.

Sauti Sol rocks in us an experience that’s only as close to the deepest parts of our cores. We thank you guys for that.


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