I’m excited about this post because it’s one of those that really capture the essence of the wet Fridays category. Contrary to what y’all might think (and I’m partly responsible for this), this category was created to drive conversations/discussions on sex and sex related topics. The tease and everything else come along with this but I think a lot more people will benefit from the discussions. This post was written by @LagosHunter. Enjoy.


After several DMs and phone calls, we meet.

Work has brought me to your city and you are here visiting in my hotel room.

That hunger that slowly built as we flirted subliminally on our timelines and openly in our DMs needs to be fulfilled today. Soft music is seeping through the speakers of my laptop and serenading us.

Knowing that we know what is about to happen…..what needs to happen makes us feel awkward.

To bring the ice, I whisper “this feels like the hashtag #ThatAwkwardMoment”

You laugh that hearty laugh of yours that makes you distinct in a crowd.

I move closer and hold you by the elbows, you look away shyly.

I can smell you – your perfume, but more importantly, your essence.

My phallus stirs as you reach out and pull me closer. We make full body contact.

Our lips meet and our tongues begin to do some olympic gymnastics

As our kiss becomes sensual, my left hand traces the outline of your body while my right hand grabs your ass I realized from your smoothness that you have no panties on.

I unzip your dress and it drops to your waist exposing your breasts wrapped in a silk bra.

I pause to take off my shirt and catch sight of your left areola peaking out of your bra and at that instant, I know I am defeated.

An overwhelming craving comes upon me and I unclasp your bra with the 3 finger technique I have come to perfect from undressing beautiful women like you. You move slightly to allow your dress and bra drop to the floor.

Here we are standing, 106 DMs and several hours of phone calls later, chest to breasts with nothing but desire on our minds.

I guide you onto the bed and I run my lips over your arm, your breasts and your navel while caressing the small of your back with my right hand.

Then slowly, my head approaches your thighs. I pause to arch your back and slide a pillow underneath. I ease myself between your knees, my tongue is eager to taste your cream. I softly caress your tip lingering for a short while and then I find my way to your depth….from which the fountain of your womanhood flows.

My tiger stirs and I pause to take off my trousers but you’re faster.

You slide my jeans off my body to make me completely naked but unashamed.

And then you begin to stroke me with the dexterity of someone who knows how to tame tigers like me.

We both struggle for dominance but quickly realise 69 is a fair number.

As you deep throat me, my tongue caters to you like a gardener tending his master garden.

And then we pause, knowing its time. We become clumsy but only for a brief second as we both struggle for dominance again. This time, you win.

My sheathed tiger enters your cage as you descend on me at your own pace and angle.

I thrust and you thrust and somehow, the speed and depth of our thrusts never gets out of sync.

We both moan as the pleasure of our dance consumes us.

Our orgasm is united as I let out a loud howl like a beast fighting its own death while you dig your fingers nails into my bare back while gasping but making no sounds.

We fall away from each other glistened with sweat feeling like strangers once again…..

Then I kiss you, letting my lips linger on yours as I look into your eyes and at that instant we both know that in this room, we have shared something tender and passionate, something far beyond constraint of 140 characters.


A lot has been written and said about sexual encounters developed as a result of the popular social media engine called twitter. It has even made a formerly thrown around casually more popular (Setting P). Alot has been said about the how’s and why’s.. but have we heard enough about the act itself and what follows? Use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.


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