Hey people, today’s post is on something I’ve been wondering about for a long time, a phenomenon that I’ve decided to term “Girlfriend Years”. What exactly is this all about you wonder?  Well grab your cup of apple juice (it’s free for all today!) and let’s get started.

Girlfriend years are the years that a girl puts into being someone’s girlfriend; yeah it is actually that simple. The reason girlfriend years are such an issue for me is because of boyfriends! This is making no sense so far is it? Okay let me start again, why is it that guys place such an emphasis on the difference between their girlfriends and their wives and girls seem to live in a pseudo-marriage whenever they are in a relationship?

If I went around asking women in relationships if they could see be with their current significant other for the rest of their lives I’m sure the answer would be a resounding yes for the most part. However, if you ask these same women’s boyfriends, at least half of them would give a half hearted response or not even answer at all. And while this may not be actual fact I think we can all agree that it’s still true.  It seems to me that for guys a girlfriend is just a girlfriend until she’s a wife, but ladies seem to have a more transitional approach where the boyfriend of five years is five years closer to being the husband of tomorrow.

Do men just have an imaginary “it’s time for a wife” switch that comes on in their brains when they finally decide that their current girlfriend either is or is not wifey material? And if this moment of realisation comes so abruptly for men then what exactly is the point of them dating at all? Why not just wait till the automatic switch in their head comes on and then find a wife instead of putting ready and willing girls through years of being the girlfriend that never was?

Most women want their happily ever after sooner rather than later and spend a lot of effort searching for it, while men are happy to just wait around and accept their happily ever after whenever it eventually comes. I know females are generally the subjects to all sorts of brainwashing on how marriage and babies are the ultimate life goal and it’s just the general unfairness of the world that deems a girl in her twenties as “getting old” but a guy of similar age as “full of youth”. But is that really reason enough for girls to attach themselves to whatever guy fits the bill of a good husband and stay there irrespective of whether they actually love him or better still are in love with him?

Not to be misunderstood here, I think I should clearly state now that I am not anti relationships or anything drastic like that and I understand that human beings need companionship and what not, but why not just have companionship in the form of very close friendship? And no, it doesn’t come with sex! Okay I kid, it can if you’re into that sort of thing. But I’m of the opinion that girls need to stop actively searching for Mr. Right and somehow develop our own imaginary switch that just pops on when we’ve met the right person. Wouldn’t the world be such a better place?? No more giving the best years of your life to some undeserving man who will just wake up and tell you that you don’t make the cut to be in the best years of his. I think that all girls should unite and say a big fat NO to girlfriend years. That doesn’t mean be single forever; it just means only treat him as seriously as he treats you. Simple. Or is it really?

I don’t know, human beings are so complex and I’m only one person so how about you guys try and help me out a bit? I suppose my question to everyone today is, what exactly is the point of girlfriend years? Is there another way to decide if your significant other is the one? And most importantly, where can I find this switch that guys have?? Is it for sale somewhere?

See you in the comments section.


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