My friends call me SC.
I’d honestly love to say that I have the solution to world hunger and poverty.
That’s far-fetched but my friends seem to think I have special powers and I’m beginning to think they might just be right.

It started in College with Lanre
We dated for a year after he took my virginity
We parted ways; at least I thought we did.
But he lingered and lingered
Stalking my toasters
He got arrested once
Because I wouldn’t give him my coochie
This Super Coochie.
10 years, a wife and a kid later,
Lanre hits me up on Facebook,
I still miss your pussy…

Steve worshipped SC,
All night
That’s how long he liked to erm.. please her..
But even a coochie with super powers gets sore
In a way, I actually miss that
2 years after we broke up,
He began calling and texting
For one more chance at this kitty
He called me, the morning of his wedding
I’m going down the aisle in a few hours he said
One more time, for old times’ sake?
He begged.
For one more fuck
One more tongue-bath
Did I mention that he came to blows with my next boyfriend?

I may know why she’s so powerful though
You know?
I’ve never used lube one day in my life.
Men find her unending flow of elixir very mesmerising

Kevin was married when we met
I’d sworn to never to do one of those
I don’t know how to explain it
It just happened
Once, twice, five times
At first, it wasn’t so bad,
Maybe he won’t get addicted I thought
Until he let it slip
That he had lost taste for his wife
She was young, slim and I’ll admit – quite a looker
There’s no reason for that, I argued
She doesn’t taste like you
She doesn’t get wet like you
He said, as he buried his face and paid homage to SC
The chosen one

Sometimes I wish they didn’t fall so hard – sometimes.

Signed – SC
Wrecking havoc since 2002…

Today’s post was just one I couldn’t express well enough by myself so I sought the help of my pseudo guest blogger Deji who also wrote this piece here. Let me state clearly that I DO NOT believe in the SC theory. I’m yet to find a guy who claims the main reason he got married to his wife is cause ‘the sex is excellent’ yet most women seem to believe good bedding skills can nail a guy. Don’t get me wrong, being the ‘Usaine’ Bolt of the rump olympics will probably get you far, might get you a car, a house but NOT a basketballer. Yes. In my opinion, there’s just more to it. Think I’m right or wrong, use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.


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