A friend of mine told me a story about a colleague of hers. It was his birthday and he took her out for lunch. Before they made their order, he  talked continuously about how he gives God the glory for letting him live to see his birthday (that is very normal and acceptable). He then spent the next 20 minutes talking more about God and how much he loves him. He talked about his goals in life (short term and long term). Basically, he spent time painting himself as the “ideal husband”. To make matters worse, my dear friend prayed before eating and this only gave the guy reason to intensify his ‘sermon’.

The ‘date’ ended and they got chatting the next day when he sort of broached the relationship topic. He chatted tirelessly on how he wanted a God fearing wife and how he knows she’s wife material and the right one for him. She stopped him at some point and said ‘dude, I dont even go to church like that’ next thing the guy said was ‘okay would you like to go out for drinks?’

Today, I’d like to get your opinion on this. Is being spiritual the new method of getting laid for guys? And do girls actually fall for the ‘spiritually obvious’ guys?

What say you?


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