I visited my girlfriend the other day – actually, my soon-to-be fiance (shhhh). It was a lonely Saturday afternoon and after we chatted a bit, that usual one thing led to the usual other thing, and as we began an intense make-out session. Moments after, her blackberry began buzzing – gaddem thing. She usually wouldn’t, but she timed out of my hold and after she checked it, she smiled at me in that “you know it’s going to be good so better wait” way. Sheeeesh.

The interruption came from her friend who was at the door. She had called earlier and said she could be in the neighbourhood and would probably stop by. My girlfriend’s place is pretty choked up so her friend(s), yes, they turned out to be two, made their way into her small room to join us. One I had met before, the other, I’d only heard of. They both pulled up chairs and sat opposite the couch I and my girlfriend sat on with a little coffee table in-between us.

We all got talking and as the conversation went on, I kept noticing the friend I had just met stealing glances at me. Yeah she was good looking all right. Average T and F but A, very on point (TF(or)A Post) all in all, definitely nowhere near my gurl. To cut things short, as the conversation went on, I felt toes tapping on mine beneath the coffee table. I didn’t need to confirm whose they were. It was play time and I was invited. It was amazing how we both managed to carry on two different conversations unnoticed even as we kept talking with our toes no footsie.

The visitors soon left leaving me and my gurl to continue where we had left off. A few days later after sourcing help from a few social networking sites, I walked into a hotel room to meet the friend I met over the weekend completely naked lying on a bed. We handled our business and as I walked back to my car, my phone rang. It was that special ringtone. I picked up and responded to her beautiful voice: “Hey babe, I’m on my way, my boss just kept me back a bit longer than I expected”.

This is what I call the concept of FREE. Very few men will turn down a freebie well, except me, or Owen Wilson from the movie Hall Pass especially when they are not legally bound. For the guys reading this, maybe you can further explain this concept especially if you’re the type who’ll say no (*cough). As for the ladies, what are your thoughts on the gurlfriends’ friend? Raging hoemometer or just a one time thing? Use the comment box, speak your mind and if you like what you’ve read, please subscribe. Cheers.


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