I have, for the longest time ever, had the hugest crush on this guy.

He’s French and smells like Gucci heaven.

But he seems to be shy because I’ve caught him staring at me, not once, nor twice, not even a twilightful of times. And yet, when I’d spot him hanging out with his crew, he seemed to have a superman chest full of confidence.

So I decided to go on a self-seeking mission to see whether he was just being ‘friendly’, or if he did really have a crush on me.

“He seems like a boss,” one of my close friends told me,” look at the way he smokes that thing like a cigar with his legs crossed.”

“Well, he DID peck you on the cheek, yes?” another said, “That does NOT sound any bit ‘friendly’ to me. If you ask me, which you have… haha, he reaaally likes you!”

“He’s probably just shy,” the last one said, “No, scratch that, he’s a shy-confident guy. That’s what he is!”

I was out of my mind!! Shy-confident guy?


What in the hell was a shy-confident guy anyway?

Then by some luck of love voodoo, I evoked a couple of wise words from Steve Harvey’s book, ‘Act like a Lady, Think like a Man’, where one main thing he mentioned stood out: The main problem with women is that they ask advice about men, not from men, BUT from their fellow women!

Quoting Stevey (At this point he’s ‘Stevey’, as far as I’m concerned. If you’ve read the book you’ll understand), I decided to ask a couple of my close guy friends as to whether there existed any such thing as the ‘shy-confident’ guy.

(It is at this point that I would like to note that when I first read the book, I was that girl who rolled her eyes at every, and I do mean EVERY, word that Stevey said in his book. I just thought that I categorically had my relationship shit together. Well, a couple years later, I sigh in recollection that my boy Stevey was quite on point, if I may add.)

Aanyyway, back to the main issue, you need to understand something about me. I have NEVER encountered a shy guy. Worse still, I don’t think I have any shy friends either! Well, one. Actually, come to think of it, oooh myyy gooosh, I probably shouldn’t have said all those intimate things I used to tell him, cos now I’ve just realized that he DID have feelings for me! Huh. Water-Bridge.

It became crystal evident that every guy told me the same thing: THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A SHY-CONFIDENT GUY! It’s an either/or situation.

So now, the main question lies here: What to do about this shy guy! Because he definitely isn’t being just friendly. Plus, the entire tale-tell signs of a ‘Shy guy being into you’ are all there! Guilty, I Googled.

The new dilemma now lies as to whether or not I want to be with him. If I do, I have to make the first move. Which absolutely sucks. The other alternative is to look for a whole new crush. And I’m really not feeling the latter option. Sigh.

My guy best friend told me that if I didn’t make the move, that another girl would. And we wouldn’t want that happening now, would we?

And it is the 21st Century, riiightt? It’s quite normal for a girl to approach a guy first, right? (Cue in the Hallelujah choir.)

Plus did I mention that he’s cute, speaks French AND is an impeccable dresser?

Je ne sais pas quoi faire!

(I don’t know what to do!)

Welcome to this girl’s world.


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