Turns out that all that glitters is not gold, at least when it comes to Vera Sidika’s case.

She had heads turning yesternight when she decided to openly air out her dirty laundry to the public on her Instagram and Snapchat pages.

Vera just recently launched her Detox tea, Veetox that had the social media scene buzzing in her glory of entrepreneurship. That’s how you move from socialite to business lady, like a boss, they said, praising the voluptuous lady. So she was in our good graces once more. No more dramatic Vera, she’s got her life back together and intact, we thought.

We were happy for our girl.

Until she revealed that her Nigerian lover had physically abused her in his Burj Khalifa home in Dubai.

You know of the BK, right? It’s the tallest most magnificent building in Dubai. And rent there is crazy; the real estate prices are as high as the ceilings. Rental rates go for as high as 90K AED, an equivalent of Kshs 250,000 per month.

And Vera’s man stayed there. I mean, his monthly rent costs more than your entire net worth. She would then post pics of herself facing the gorgeous views from their apartment, our girl, and she’d tell us of how she’s in love and that she’d finally found her prince charming.

But alas, he turned out to be the biggest frog.

A toad that was emotionally and physically abusing the so-called-love-of-his-life.

Our Kenyan socialite.

It’s a pity really, to imagine that one of the ladies considered to be the most beautiful of Kenyan women would suffer under the hands of such a guy. Especially after she’d gotten word from other women that he has a reputation of violence towards women in his past. Oh, and he served time too last year. Released from the jail house just moments before he and Vera decided to become one, so to speak.

She claims that she was never with him for the money. That he never bought her any clothes and that the only thing he once gave her was a Louis Vuitton bag which he’d had for over 5 years and had never really found the use of. He called her Kitusuru mansion ‘that box you live in’ and that if he wished so, would be able to buy her house just from the sale of his clothes.

Funny how life is.

Here we were thinking that Vera lives the life in her magnificent Kitusuru mansion and a guy has the audacity to call her home a box.

Next came allegations that he wanted her to sell the LV bag he’d given her and use the money to get an abortion. She’d lied to him that she was pregnant, allegedly. Tricked him to see his reaction towards the news. And he wanted nothing to do with her baby. Who never existed to begin with.

Vera posted a video of her walking down what one might assume is a street in Dubai, on snapchat, LIVID, exclaiming in shock that she couldn’t believe that he’d just hit her. The bastard, she’d cursed at him, revealing a figure briskly walking behind her, following her like a crazed stalker.

She also shared another video, where they were having what looked like an altercation, with her pink suitcase and makeup bag perched by the door. She was trying to film their argument but it looked like he was blocking her from doing so, when the short video abruptly ended.

Comments on social media were, for the most part, women coming for and to Vera’s side, stating that no woman deserves to go through physical abuse in the hands of a man. One story she shared was that of a lady who DMed her on Instagram, testifying that her fiancée had been stabbing her severally, so bad that it warranted a trip to the ER at Aga Khan on one occasion. She thanked Vera for having the strength to go public about her abuse and giving her the métier to leave her abusive fiancé.

Others were not as empathetic. They claimed that she’d put herself in that situation, by dating a Nigerian man with money. Why not a Kenyan man? They mocked using the racial card, as though (some) Kenyan men didn’t have an abusive trait in their DNA.

A few made dainty of the situation by uttering that they were relieved that “kumbe also socialites go through the same trials and tribulations that us kawaida people go through!”

Whatever the situation, whether or not the guy got his money in a legit way (hence prison), no woman should be exposed to physical violence. And if you’re reading this and you’ve ever been in or are in a relationship where you’re being abused, my advice would be to leave immediately and not look back.

Because wolves may pretend to be sheep, but will always remain wolves.

On a lighter note, Vera shared that once they were at a club in Dubzz, VIP as she likes to roll, and bottles upon bottles of Moet were brought to their table. So her IG and Snapchat pages were lit as usual, showing the hostesses who serve the bottles with so much splendor and glamour, with fireworks shooting from the top of the carafes. The perception was that she was having a great time, right? But the reality check was that the moment the bottles got to the table and the pomp was over, the guy ordered them back to the bar cos he didn’t have the money to pay for them!

And did I mention that Vera claimed that he refused with her clothes allegedly stating that he’d cast juju on her for leaving him? Plus did you manage have a look at the horrible furniture in his BK home? Please do so, for a rib crack’s sake. Because for a guy wallowing in money, a flat in Roysambu looks waaaaaay better.

Ah, these Nigerians and their spectacles!

To Vera, we really are sorry on your behalf. Buckle up girl, broken hearts do heal in time.



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