Last week, an email was sent to TNC and I thought to share:

“Why did he have to ask this question? I was hoping I could avoid the question, at least, till I was sure things were serious between us. Do I tell the truth? Lie? Or just avoid the question altogether? This wouldn’t have been a problem 3 weeks ago, before the sleep over at Titi’s house. We all decided to play a game of truth or dare. Somehow, we started asking each other how many guys they had been with?  Four out of the ten girls that night had their numbers below 5. They were considered good girls. The three that were between 5 and 8 were considered wild. Imagine my shame when I had to say I had slept with over 10 guys and we were all age mates.  Luckily, I had two other girls on my side. We joked about it afterwards but I could still feel the judgemental stares coming our way.

Now, 3 weeks after, I am faced with the same problem with my new boyfriend.  How do I explain to him that I didn’t enjoy sleeping around, that I was only a naive girl that thought sex was the way to keep the guys? Heck, I don’t even like sex a lot, except when it’s very good, of course.  Of the three of us that were above 10 that night, I was the one they were surprised to see in that group. I was believed to be a good girl, a decent girl whereas the others were known for being wild and considered “bad” girls. But does the fact that I have slept with over 10 men at 25 make me any less good? Does it even matter that I didn’t start having sex till I was 21. (Okay, maybe that’s bad. How on earth did I cover 12 men in 4 years?) I am just a hopeless romantic in search of love and with a weak (ok, very weak) resolve.

If my friends who have known me for years can judge me, who’s to say that this new wonderful guy that has known me barely 4 months will not leave me at the drop of a hat? And if I lie now, and things get serious would I keep up the lie or tell the truth?”

Now to today’s poll:
Will you judge your partner by the amount of people they’ve had sex with? For me I dont think I want to know. I believe everything that has happened in the past should stay in the past.

What say you?



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