You read that right, believe me.

The side chick rebellion has become a stronger fortress than ever before. Coming to think of it, the side chick phenomenon has been a thing living from the past up to the present times, and it won’t be dying any day soon.

Men are faithful to their side chicks.

No longer do they live sleeping around with any Jane, Mary and Grace. Men have now embellished a new way of dating, by having a main chick and cheating on her only with only one side chick.

But this type of side chick is different. It’s for the ‘other woman’ who the man identifies with more, but doesn’t entirely commit to her.

It’s for the woman who wants a form of commitment from a man without having to bear all the responsibilities that come with having a man.

The main chick gets the short end of the stick, if you think about it. She has the title, she goes for the public family gatherings, and she’s the one whose picture is posted on the man’s social media scenes.

But the side chick? She owns the guy’s heart, the guy’s pockets, the guy’s balls.

She’s the real winner.

And she gets to have all the boyfriend qualities without necessarily having a boyfriend, or a man for that matter. Now, their bond is tight. Don’t think for one second that this man doesn’t have feelings for the other woman.

She’s not just there for the sex. She’s more than that. She excites him more than the other woman does.

You can liken this relationship with the traditional polygamist nature of our African culture, where a man has two wives: one who is the mother wife, to take care of household duties, and the younger wife, whose function is to please her husband. More often than not, she’s the one the man really longs for, sexually desires and truly loves. But the respect aspect belongs to the first wife. She’s the one the man would go to for financial advice and general life issues.

The only problem with today’s society is that the side chick is solely looked at as the home wrecker, the one who stole the main chick’s man away,

But when we look critically at this perception and say, try having a look at it from a different aspect, something clear occurs; the main chick or the wife or the fiancée, must have played a big part to her man cheating on her.

Now don’t confuse this to mean that the main woman is the reason the man cheated, not by far. But, the main woman must have overseen something innately brewing in the man, that the man felt as though the only person that would help him fill the hollow is in this other woman, who most often than not, takes him as he is without judgement or criticism.

Because that’s what men really crave for at the end of it all, appreciation. For all the things they do for and to you, regardless of how small a thing it might be.

The side chick understands that. The main chick unfortunately, does not.

This is probably what successful couples, who are both faithful to each other, have mastered. Communication in all aspects good or bad is probably the most important factor missed in most relationships. That’s why you will find couples looking for that missing love and reaffirmation from other partners. Not necessarily to have a number of many partners, but to have just one, one who will help them get through what is it they need companionship for.

The mistress on her side, then must make a conscious decision to play her part. I believe that no woman should be forced to be ‘the other woman’, but if she’s fine with that role in her life, then the situation will work perfectly in her advantage.

Just as long as the main chick doesn’t know she exists, which she almost always ends up knowing, whether she’d like to admit it or not.

What’s your opinion on men staying faithful to side chicks? Do you think there’s such a thing to begin with? We’d like to hear from you. You know the drill, comment below with your opinion.


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